Happy Valentine’s Day

I Love You Like I Love Apples

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you lovely people out there! I love you like I love apples… and that’s a lot.

Hope that you enjoy your day to the fullest and get to spend it with your closest ones. And if there’s a long distance between you and your loved ones, this is the day to cherish them in your heart and give them a warm-hearted call. Remember to cuddle and hug a lot today. Perhaps you can even surprise your dear friends and family with a little surprise, such as a box of chocolates, a red rose or even a delicious, cute apple like this? Valentine’s Day is all about giving and sharing.

After all, what would this life be without love. ♥

Custom Order for Sleutelbrug

Today I received a sweet, personal message from Stéphanie, a French living in Amsterdam, for a custom order of my Sleutelbrug picture. In her message, Stéphanie says she loves the JoyHey pictures and style… aww, how sweet is she!

Stéphanie wished to have this print in her house, because she has been desperately looking for a nice photograph of Amsterdam to hang in her living room. She contacted me directly via e-mail after having browsed the JoyHey web shop for this particular print and not being able to find it. And boy was I thrilled of this message! I added the print right away to the shop for her as a custom order.

So, here you go Stéphanie, may the pastel-colored, dreamy Sleutelbrug print bring lots of joy to your days, while decorating your home. It has been made with uttermost love and I’m very happy that it gets to be in a very central position in your house. Hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed photographing it. *Hugs*

Sleutelbrug Order

Daydreaming Times

I have missed you and the pastel daydreaming times! I am so happy and lucky to have such caring fans, who send me heartfelt messages just to make sure that I’m ok and planning to make a comeback soon. You’re all amazing! I can’t thank you enough for your support and kind words! Although everything has been just great with me (except for the fact that we all have only 24 hours per day), I have been truly touched by your empathy.

Daydreaming TimesToday I started a personal challenge that I received recently from a friend… and I am passing it forward with this message. A note to self: remember to take time and daydream: life is simply too wonderful to pass up! Wishing each and everyone of you a lovely, dreamy day with lots of sunshine and happiness!

White Copper

In my decorative aspirations in the house, I am currently seeking to obtain a rather white and light look and appeal. This may not have come as a surprise to my followers on Pinterest, where I bookmark interesting, dreamy photographs of aspiritional homes onto my H is for Home folder. Yet, until now, I haven’t really shared a lot of pictures of my own house or the wonderful objects I cherish in my daily life.

Dreamy Time
Copper Hangers
White Candle

While the traditional, romantic style isn’t exactly the thing that I am chasing for in my decorative attempts at the moment, little props of it, such as the gigantic pocket watch from Pottery Barn, can be fun design nuances every here and there. As a matter of fact, I am currently aiming for a clean, simplistic style with a hint of modern touch. I believe that the Scandinavian style that is characterized by pure lines and graphic patterns is closest to this. And actually, I have just recently found my new favorite brand – the wonderful Danish HAY.

Dress Up Sunshine
Clamp Lamp
Candle In A Loop

And for the time being, I am loving the combination and white and copper. Particularly, I am head over heels in love with the Loop stand coupled with copper hangers and the Tray table with Lup candleholder. Also, I really like the industrial feel in my clamp lamp, which I bought from Amsterdam. What do you think? Does this combination work? I am also dreaming about owning the outdoor dining chairs and Loop stand frames for my office table. What about you… what kind of decorative trends are you into at the moment?

Rustic Country Wedding

I was fortunate to witness and photograph the charming rustic country wedding of dear Reeta and Pekka, when they got married on the 29.6.2013 in the fascinating old stone church in Karjalohja in Finland. Their amazing vintage-inspired yet modern-infused wedding at the countryside was truly mesmerizing in all its glory and all the wonderful little details. The wedding guests stayed at the local spa hotel called Päiväkumpu whereas the newlyweds had a gorgeous little place at Villa Taika for the night. The wedding venue Karjalohja community hall, which served the role of a wedding party location, was gorgeously light, tall and beautiful.

The couple, who had met at the famous ship races in Hanko (named Hangon Regatta) about 6 years ago, looked great in their dashing outfits and big, bright smiles. And for all of you wedding enthusiasts who are either eager to get married or looking for perfect wedding accessories, Reeta’s wedding dress was from VIP Juhlapuku and the flowers were from Ellan Kukka, which is located at Lohja.

It may not come as such a big surprise at this point when I say that the day was remarkable. From astonishing caterings to heartfelt speeches and performances, there must not have been anything that could have been better… honestly. Even the band, Loose Ties, was one of the best ones I have ever seen! Here are some words from the bride herself about the most magical day of her entire life:

“The wedding day was full of joy, happiness and touching moments. On my way to the church, I thought to myself that I need to enjoy every minute and try to make mental notes about all the wonderful details of the day. And I’m glad that I did, because the day was the most beautiful and happiest day of my life. I feel very blessed that our beloved family and dearest friends shared the wedding day with us. They made the warm and joyous feeling with their smiling faces, touching speeches and immemorial performances.”

Congratulations again Reeta and Pekka and thank you for a memorable day! I wish you all the best in terms of your future and hope to see little “Rekkas” running around in our feet as soon as possible. Much love!

Sweet And Sparkling

Beautiful Bride

Wedding Preparation


We Found Love

Lake Portraits

Horse And Carriage

Wedding Tables

Wedding Charm

Wedding Venue Details

Wonderful Wedding Buffet

Sweetest Love

Images by JoyHey

Romantic Country Wedding

It was a beautiful day in sunny, summery Finland when Susanna and Matti got married in the Tampere cathedral in Finland. Characterized by national romanticism, the couple’s wedding church had stunning frescos and glass paintings. Joy and love was in the air as the couple said their vows and I was lucky to photograph their unique, dreamy day.

The actual wedding party took place in the wonderful countryside in Vammala’s Tervahovi. It was such a gorgeous location by a lake with easy access to stay over night either in a tent or a cottage in the camping ground. The historical wedding venue also had a magnificent dance floor and a stage for a band in the second floor of the building and a sauna (of course, it’s Finland!) and wooden jacuzzi for late night guests. Needless to repeat how charming it all was. Everybody was cheerful as they savored the tasty drinks, ate delicious buffet food, dipped marshmallows and fresh berries in a chocolate fountain, and listened to amazing speeches.

After the marvellous wedding day and groovy night, the newlyweds headed out to Cyprus for their honeymoon. Now that they have been married exactly 10 days, I wish to express my most sincere thanks for the wedding invitation by publishing a selection of the wedding photographs I took during the day. Congratulations again to both of you and have a very joyful happily ever after!

Pastel Wedding Day

Wedding Details

Pastel Children

Bride And Groom

Images by JoyHey

May Day Wedding

I have been honored to photograph the fantastic and beautiful wedding of Emilia and Tuomas who got married on May Day (first of May). Their charming, dreamy, vintage-inspired wedding was stunning in all its glory. Details, such as wood anemonies, tiny decorative baby shoes, white balloons, and old-fashioned labels made the wedding party unique and mesmerizing – and it looked exactly like the couple had wanted. And the actual wedding day could not have been more perfect given that two engineers got married on Labor Day which is a great, traditional, festive day in Finland. What a joy!

Emilia and Tuomas got married in Espoon Tuomiokirkko which is a local cathedral in Finland. Dating back to over 500 years, the stone church had a wonderful middle aged mood and an one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal. Luckily, the church was tall and bright making photography indoors… well, not exactly easy but somewhat less challenging. The newlyweds had picked also a stunning party venue nearby where a local volunteer fire-brigade house served the role of the day’s festive location. Everything seemed to be out of a fairytale: gorgeous couple, lovely locations and excellent food and drinks. Oh my, and now that there’s talk about catering, the raspberry mousse cake nearly took my breath away! We were spoilt as guests. Honestly.

Congratulations again to Emilia and Tuomas for getting married! May your future be as bright and cheery as your wedding day. May love guide your way for forever and ever… and even after that. I wish your family all the best. Hugs and kisses!

Dreamy Pastel Wedding
Dreamy Seremony
Wedding Bliss
Wedding Wonders
Sepia Love
Wedding Details
Pastel Wedding Buffet
Pink Cake And Drinks

Images by JoyHey

Dreamy Studio

I was recently asked to photograph an amazing, dreamy studio that is located in Kruununhaka, Helsinki, Finland. We had such a great time not only doing the mandatory, which is figuring out the angles and framing, but also chitchatting and eating yummy nachos with fresh homemade guacamole. The day was truly wonderful: great company, delicious food, and a stunning apartment… not to mention all the super cool design stuff I just couldn’t take my eyes off. I mean, who wouldn’t want to own a Dualit toaster, VIPP trash can, a Therese Sennerholt print, Eames DSW chair, or a ladder by Design House Stockholm? Enough said, take a look yourself. Wouldn’t you love to live here? I know I would.

Beautiful Facade
Charming Courtyard
Studio Hallway
Studio Chamber
Studio Kitchen
White Kitchen
Studio Lounge

Images by JoyHey

Summer Evenings

Summer… oh beautiful summer! I have waited for you for a long time… long long time. And now it seems you have finally arrived. All those magical moments you bring with you. I am shivering each time I see a sunset paint the horizon golden or hear the sound of rippling waves. I can’t wait to enjoy your pastel colors and dreamy light. May there be many sweet memories to come…

Summe revenings by JoyHeyImages by JoyHey via Instagram

JoyHey In Pretty Pastel Style Book By Selina Lake

Do you still remember when I told you that an interior stylist from London asked for my photos for the upcoming interior design book dealing with pastel colors and decor? Some time ago, I also shared a sneakpeek and revealed the book cover on my blog. Well, today I am super happy to let you all know that this book –  Pretty Pastel Style Book By Selina Lake – has arrived at my doorstep.

Thank you Selina for sending it to me… and even better, this lovely book arrived in a cute striped outfit and it had dear Selina’s autograph. I’m super duper honored to have my photos included in the book among all the amazing names, such as Anthropologie, Laura Ashley and Urban Outfitters. You can find two of my photographs – Mint Bug and Loveliness – on page 142-143.

Striped Book
With Best Wishes
JoyHey Photography In Pretty Pastel Style
Pretty Pastel Style Book

Images by JoyHey

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