Sunny Summer Days

It’s Sunday, it’s finally summer here in Finland and it’s Mother’s day! Today I am officially getting started with my summer which will (for sure!) involve lots of sun, colors and joy. I have been craving for those sunshiny days when everything seems to illuminate, bloom, and bathe in light. As it happens, I already yesterday posted on Facebook about spotting some amazing spring colors on my Instagram where I marvelled at the beauty of big, bright, red tulips. It was truly miraculous to see their delicate stems leaning against the wind and look at how their gorgeous petals reach for the sky and sun.

Sunny Summer DaysSunny Summer DaysToday I am extremely happy and grateful for all the mothers out there in the world and wish to celebrate this wonderful day with all of you by sharing some sunny pictures I have captured out on the sunshine fields. May these photographs serve as a reminder to enjoy the little things along the way and strive to make each individual day bright, light, and cheerful. Life can truly be a dreamy, sunlit journey… if one allows it. So, let the butterflies on the meadows set your troubles free and make your mind wonder. Have a delightful day!

Sunny Summer DaysImages by JoyHey

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