JoyHey’s New Flickr Look

>I was really excited to wake up this morning to realize that Flickr had made some serious changes on their age-old website. This new appearance is exactly what they should have done a long long time ago in order to serve their loyal fans, like me, in a more engaging, interesting and versatile manner. I am loving the new look despite the fact that it is not highly original anymore – given the notion that after Pinterest emerged, many websites went into copying the style.

However, I am happy that this change makes the photographs uploaded on Flickr look so much more professional. Also, it eases the website scrolling considerably. It is not infinite scrolling like on Tumblr but the current website does surely display a greater amount of photos than previously, not to mention how this all affect usability of the website. Actually, when previously the photographs were portrayed against white background, they can now be viewed easily against black background. This option is commonly seen as a more impressive way of showing pictures since not only does it make the photos stand out from the background better but it also makes justice for the colors. Eventually, it seems like Flickr is actually thinking about its users! Hurray! I am loving the new site. What do you think? Did Flickr pull it off?

JoyHey's New Flickr LookImages by JoyHey via Flickr

Sunny Summer Days

It’s Sunday, it’s finally summer here in Finland and it’s Mother’s day! Today I am officially getting started with my summer which will (for sure!) involve lots of sun, colors and joy. I have been craving for those sunshiny days when everything seems to illuminate, bloom, and bathe in light. As it happens, I already yesterday posted on Facebook about spotting some amazing spring colors on my Instagram where I marvelled at the beauty of big, bright, red tulips. It was truly miraculous to see their delicate stems leaning against the wind and look at how their gorgeous petals reach for the sky and sun.

Sunny Summer DaysSunny Summer DaysToday I am extremely happy and grateful for all the mothers out there in the world and wish to celebrate this wonderful day with all of you by sharing some sunny pictures I have captured out on the sunshine fields. May these photographs serve as a reminder to enjoy the little things along the way and strive to make each individual day bright, light, and cheerful. Life can truly be a dreamy, sunlit journey… if one allows it. So, let the butterflies on the meadows set your troubles free and make your mind wonder. Have a delightful day!

Sunny Summer DaysImages by JoyHey

Plastic Kitchen Equipment from Daloplast

I’m sharing my latest discovery – bright and paste-colored kitchen equipment from Swedish Daloplast – on my post Pretty in Pastel: Plastic Kitchen Equipmentest at Best Friends for Frosting. From spatulas and knives to measuring cups and bowls, these cheerful plastic items will bring about an atmosphere of joy in the kitchen. Pretty cute stuff, I would say. What do you think?

Pastel Kitchen Equipment by DaloplastImages by JoyHey for Best Friends for Frosting

Sunny Funny Amsterdam

Amsterdam – the city of joy and happiness. Oh, now I am dayreaming myself away again. Why? Because I left my heart in sunny and funny Amsterdam. In all its playfulness, including a beautiful pop-up fun park in the city center, Amsterdam provided me with a memorable travel experience and a wonderful journey to happiness.

Sunny Funny AmsterdamIt’s not only the vintage, pastel ferris wheel and beautiful, old carousel that got be excited but also the bright sunshine and scent of yummy treats, such as popcorn, waffles and cotton candy. Amsterdam really knew how to make my knees weak. So yes, besides being constantly on the hunt for all things pretty, I am also a sucker for all sugary things!

Sunny Funny AmsterdamSunny Funny AmsterdamIf I were to decide what my life would look like, it would be exactly this. All day long and day in day out I would have a great time with my friends and enjoy life’s tiny little details and moments; I would have a blast while marvelling at the big blue sky and all the people laughing out loud and having fun. This is what happiness means to me. It’s all about sharing the joy with others.

Sunny Funny AmsterdamSunny Funny Amsterdam

Images by JoyHey

JoyHey For Cecelia Ahern

I’m super excited to announce that my light, bright and pastel-hued Sweet Love fine art photograph has been requested to be on the cover of Irish author Cecelia Ahern‘s new novel called I Cento Nomi (in English: One Hundred Names). Being the writer of the international bestselling book PS, I Love You, that, by the way, got also made into a movie featuring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler, Cecelia’s novel with my artwork will be published by milanese Rizzoli RCS Libri together with The World of Dot with a print round of 4000 copies. I am so excited and can’t wait to see how the final product turns out!

JoyHey For Cecelia Ahern

Photograph by JoyHey
Book cover design by The World of Dot

Bike Life In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, located in the Netherlands, Europe, is a truly beautiful city of bikers. Built on water, its long pretty canals and fun, narrow streets make the place a truly unique and fantastic spot for riding a bicycle to visit different sightseeing locations. Just by looking at the sides of the streets in the city, one can immediately grasp that Amsterdam is all about having fun and enjoying life. All the colorful and playful bicycles have their own story to tell.

Bike Life In AmsterdamBike Life In AmsterdamBike Life In AmsterdamFor a daydreamer, Amsterdam offers a great deal of versatility and lots of new interesting perspectives. It is a photographer’s heaven where one can become amazed at every street corner. There are endless opportunities for bumping into marvellous finds and aesthetic details. Being a devoted bicycle fan, I could have spent hours just marvelling at their beauty and shape. Luckily, I managed to come across some serious jewels during my trip.

Bike Life In AmsterdamBike Life In AmsterdamI really loved the goofy-looking mint green bicycle and the pastel-colored striped one! Aren’t they just adorable? Especially, the striped one seems like a cool, urban tiger screaming for attention. Also, the “I am happy” sticker on the bicycle basket below made me smile big time. Who comes up with stuff like this? Just brilliant!

Bike Life In AmsterdamBike Life In AmsterdamFor me, the vast amount of bicycles was simply breathtaking. You could look anywhere and still find something worth photographing. Amsterdam definitely didn’t let me down. During my trip, I managed to capture some absolutely gorgeous things (more to come soon!) and, most importantly, I got several remarkable, life-lasting memories that I will cherish in my heart for many years to come. Yes, I’ll admit it: Amsterdam stole my heart. And I, for one, am determined to return one day. For sure. Until then, I will just have to take another look at my photographs and breathe a big, long sigh. I am already longing back. But hey, just between you and me, I think Amsterdam is missing me too.

Bike Life In Amsterdam

Images by JoyHey

JoyHey Featured On Planning Pretty

My Pastel Macarons fine art print got featured on the super cute Planning Pretty blog. Get inspired by sweet and delicate aqua hues and bright springy tones with the lovely home accessories wish list by Camille from San Francisco.

Loving the pastel-colored print? There’s now FREE Shipping on my online photography shop thru Sunday, worldwide!

JoyHey Featured On Planning Pretty

Photo by JoyHey

JoyHey For Sarah Gardner: Beyond the Camera Magazine

I’m happy to announce that my pastel-colored artwork together with a fun little interview conducted by my lovely Flickr friend Debbie Wibowo of Delight Fun Art Photography have been featured on the wonderful Sarah Gardner Beyond the Camera Magazine’s 3rd Issue. Full of magical, bright spring photos and insights from talented photographers, this online art magazine is a true source of inspiration for everyone.

Ranging from styling tips to color palettes and much more, reading the magazine will take you to a one-of-a-kind whimsical world where beauty blooms and wonders happens. Among all other amazingness, there’s a dedicated JoyHey section where you can, for instance, read what inspires me as an artist and what I consider to be my all-time favorite image. So click yourself off to check out the sensational spring issue and let me know what you think. Let’s celebrate spring time!

JoyHey For Sarah Gardner Beyond the Camera

Interview images by JoyHey

JoyHey On Shop Til You Drop

I am honored and happy to announce that my bright pastel-colored Rainbow Bubblegum fine art print got featured on the February issue of Shop Til You Drop Australian magazine that offers fun shopping tips coupled with insights on fashion, beauty and living. A big thanks goes to Lou for this is opportunity! Having just received the pdf issue of the magazine, I’m excited to share with you how the section where my photograph was displayed turned out. Doesn’t it look incredibly cute and sweet? From feelgood prints and minivases to statement mugs and colorful frames, this February shopping list appeals to me. Such lovely tiny details and pretty little objects, or what do you think?

JoyHey on Shop Til You Drop

Image via Shop Til You Drop

JoyHey Featured On CityLine

Lovely interior stylist Sarah Gunn contacted me a while ago in terms of inquiring my Rainbow Bubblegum fine art print to be displayed in an inspirational video clip and her blog post that focus on unique and beautiful art for children’s rooms. Not only did she absolutely melt my heart by starting the entire e-mail with “I am absolutely in love with your pastel world” but she also made me feel truly honored… just imagine it, my joyful pastel work was considered among all the amazing artwork in the world!

JoyHey on Cityline Rainbow Bubblegum via JoyShop, by JoyHey

Sarah, being a regular guest expert on CityLine – Canada’s popular and number one daytime show – writes about her love of design on her blog, Wall Candy, for the award winning Canadian website, Yummy Mummy Club. Now, her post called Six Creative Art Ideas for Kids’ Rooms for Yummy Mummy Club has been published together with the video clip on CityLine  and show credits. I am so excited to share the results with you! Hope you enjoy!

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