Charming Cupcakes

I just came across a cute little shop – Niia’s Cupcakes – that sells adorable vegan cupcakes with glittery sparkle and creamy swirls. The cupcakes are made with love and manufactured by hand in local Finnish bakery by combining flour, margarine, palm sugar, soy milk and powedered sugar. Certainly, these soft, creamy and dreamy pastel cupcakes that come in their bright metallic baking cups brought a bit of joy and delight to my day.

Charming CupakesCharming CupcakesThe cupcakes, as usual, come in various sizes and flavors, such as strawberry carrot, blueberry and chocolate. When I saw them in the glass cabinet, I knew immediately that I had to get some. I ended up taking four mini cupcakes so that I could taste them all without still having a sugar overdose. And actually, ever since I have had Kara’s fleur de sel and raspberry dazzle cupcakes (two of my absolute favorites in the whole wide world… honestly!), I have been looking for similar type of cupcakes – perfectly balanced and jaw-dropping juicy – but never did I dare to think that I would came across these heavenly delicious cupcakes that match up to the standard. Besides being freaking adorable, these cupcakes were super moist and tasty… without even having filling inside. That’s something, right?

Charming CupcakesCharming CupcakesMy personal favorite from Niia’s was definitely the carrot flavored cupcake but also the chocolate one seemed to please my tastebuds. Mmmh! And now that I have eating up all of them, I can just sit back and admire their beauty by looking at these photographs I took just before savoring them. I can almost taste their amazingly soft and tender flavor just by looking at the images. Are there any other dessert dreamers out there? What are your favorite cupcake flavors or shops?

Charming CupcakesCharming CupcakesCharming CupcakesImages by JoyHey

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