White Copper

In my decorative aspirations in the house, I am currently seeking to obtain a rather white and light look and appeal. This may not have come as a surprise to my followers on Pinterest, where I bookmark interesting, dreamy photographs of aspiritional homes onto my H is for Home folder. Yet, until now, I haven’t really shared a lot of pictures of my own house or the wonderful objects I cherish in my daily life.

Dreamy Time
Copper Hangers
White Candle

While the traditional, romantic style isn’t exactly the thing that I am chasing for in my decorative attempts at the moment, little props of it, such as the gigantic pocket watch from Pottery Barn, can be fun design nuances every here and there. As a matter of fact, I am currently aiming for a clean, simplistic style with a hint of modern touch. I believe that the Scandinavian style that is characterized by pure lines and graphic patterns is closest to this. And actually, I have just recently found my new favorite brand – the wonderful Danish HAY.

Dress Up Sunshine
Clamp Lamp
Candle In A Loop

And for the time being, I am loving the combination and white and copper. Particularly, I am head over heels in love with the Loop stand coupled with copper hangers and the Tray table with Lup candleholder. Also, I really like the industrial feel in my clamp lamp, which I bought from Amsterdam. What do you think? Does this combination work? I am also dreaming about owning the outdoor dining chairs and Loop stand frames for my office table. What about you… what kind of decorative trends are you into at the moment?

JoyHey In Pretty Pastel Style Book By Selina Lake

Do you still remember when I told you that an interior stylist from London asked for my photos for the upcoming interior design book dealing with pastel colors and decor? Some time ago, I also shared a sneakpeek and revealed the book cover on my blog. Well, today I am super happy to let you all know that this book –  Pretty Pastel Style Book By Selina Lake – has arrived at my doorstep.

Thank you Selina for sending it to me… and even better, this lovely book arrived in a cute striped outfit and it had dear Selina’s autograph. I’m super duper honored to have my photos included in the book among all the amazing names, such as Anthropologie, Laura Ashley and Urban Outfitters. You can find two of my photographs – Mint Bug and Loveliness – on page 142-143.

Striped Book
With Best Wishes
JoyHey Photography In Pretty Pastel Style
Pretty Pastel Style Book

Images by JoyHey

Pastel Camping

In case you are into pastel-colored accessories and wildlife camping, take a look at Light My Fire that manufactures wonderfully designed and absolutely stunning camping equipment. From different-sized lunchboxes to spill-free cups and oh-so-handy sporks (i.e. combinations of spoon, fork and knife), these utterly magnificent utilities from a Swedish brand take picnics and outdoor life to a completely new level. Take a look yourself… what do you think?

Pastel CampingMy current Light My Fire wild kitchen collection entails a mealkit with two lunchboxes and a cup and lots of sporks in various fun colors, such as orange, pink, white and mint green. And I cannot help but recommend this stuff! Not only are items highly practical and durable but also I find them feminine enough. Actually, I might start hardcore camping one day for real instead of sitting neatly in the park sipping my afternoon tea from elegant porcelain cups with lace napkins. Luckily that was just a metaphor and I’m just kidding but the point is still that it’s all about the equipment, don’t you agree? Starting out with something ‘out of your comfort zone’ really requires the ‘best of the best’ equipment. At least this logic works for me in terms of motivating myself. And surely, without a doubt, my womanly eye rests in the aesthetic shapes and bright colors of these beauties. Nowadays I would go camping every day if I could. Yes, in real forests with real trees and stuff… you know! ;)

Pastel CampingPastel CampingImages by JoyHey

JoyHey For Dr. Sugar

I’m happy to share with you my latest project where I designed the visuals for the lovely Finnish food blog called Dr.Sugar. I was just recently contacted by two sweet girls – Jinna and Jonna (cute names, right?) – in terms of my dreamy pastel work. They had heard from Marianne the owner of the prettiest sweet shop on earth, namely Sweetheart, that I am very excited about all creative online things, such as designing and implementing brands and websites. Having worked with Marianne previously in terms of photographing all the charming candies in her shop and having built the official company website, I was absolutely flattered that my skills were endorsed and even more that these two girls had the courage to contact me on Facebook and ask for design help.

So, naturally I said yes. Not only because I wanted to be of assistance but also since I love everything baking-related! Basically, these are some of the same reasons why I’m also a contributor at Best Friends For Frosting. So, eventually, I worked my magic and *poof* … all of the sudden I had created the entire look and feel for their website and brand. At this point I cannot help at telling you how proud I am of myself. As I am not a designer but rather a photographer, I think I managed to do pretty good. And to be honest, I am already in love with how it all turned out. Perhaps it helps to have artistic vision and the capability to daydream! Or what do you think? How did I do in your opinion?

The JoyHey design package included:

  • Pastel color palette (naturally!)
  • Blog banner
  • Facebook banner
  • Facebook profile picture / new logo
  • Social media buttons
  • Mock-up website

JoyHey For Dr. SugarVisual design by JoyHey

© All Rights Reserved

Felt Reflectors

I recently got two felt safety reflectors, a purple crown and a turquoise reindeer, from a friend of mine as a gift and thought I’d share this wonderful find with you. And yes, indeed, the safety reflectors are made out of colorful woolen felt which is not only a soft and ecologic material but also extremely durable, easily washable and warm. I am in love with my new accessories and cannot help at marvelling at their gorgeous shape and style: coming in various fun figures, they surely brighten up the gray days and bring a piece of whimsy in my daily outfits.

Felt Reflectors

Hailing from northern Finland and inspired by retro times and African culture, Riemunkirjo Design (in English: Joy Spectrum Design) manufactures each piece by hand which makes the items highly unique. Check out their entire collection in the Tuoteluettelo (PDF) section of their website and pick your own favorite design that’s made out of excess material of manufacturing industry. Pick a reindeer skin or linen cord with a bronze lock or ask to attach the sculpture-like Reflexite reflector onto a safety pin to have a brooch. You can even customize your own by choosing the subject, size and color. In case of dirt, wash preferably under running water by hand and scrub gently with a brush if needed.

Felt Reflectors

If you live abroad and love the designs, drop the artist Riikka Vuorijärvi a message and ask for a price quote (minimum order of 30 €). You can fill in your info in the order section with your name, delivery address, postal code, location, phone number and e-mail. Write the necessary details in the message box underneath and voilá you’re done. Easy as that. What a fun way to be safe whilst looking trendy on those dark nights!

Images by JoyHey

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