Daydreaming Times

I have missed you and the pastel daydreaming times! I am so happy and lucky to have such caring fans, who send me heartfelt messages just to make sure that I’m ok and planning to make a comeback soon. You’re all amazing! I can’t thank you enough for your support and kind words! Although everything has been just great with me (except for the fact that we all have only 24 hours per day), I have been truly touched by your empathy.

Daydreaming TimesToday I started a personal challenge that I received recently from a friend… and I am passing it forward with this message. A note to self: remember to take time and daydream: life is simply too wonderful to pass up! Wishing each and everyone of you a lovely, dreamy day with lots of sunshine and happiness!

May Day Wedding

I have been honored to photograph the fantastic and beautiful wedding of Emilia and Tuomas who got married on May Day (first of May). Their charming, dreamy, vintage-inspired wedding was stunning in all its glory. Details, such as wood anemonies, tiny decorative baby shoes, white balloons, and old-fashioned labels made the wedding party unique and mesmerizing – and it looked exactly like the couple had wanted. And the actual wedding day could not have been more perfect given that two engineers got married on Labor Day which is a great, traditional, festive day in Finland. What a joy!

Emilia and Tuomas got married in Espoon Tuomiokirkko which is a local cathedral in Finland. Dating back to over 500 years, the stone church had a wonderful middle aged mood and an one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal. Luckily, the church was tall and bright making photography indoors… well, not exactly easy but somewhat less challenging. The newlyweds had picked also a stunning party venue nearby where a local volunteer fire-brigade house served the role of the day’s festive location. Everything seemed to be out of a fairytale: gorgeous couple, lovely locations and excellent food and drinks. Oh my, and now that there’s talk about catering, the raspberry mousse cake nearly took my breath away! We were spoilt as guests. Honestly.

Congratulations again to Emilia and Tuomas for getting married! May your future be as bright and cheery as your wedding day. May love guide your way for forever and ever… and even after that. I wish your family all the best. Hugs and kisses!

Dreamy Pastel Wedding
Dreamy Seremony
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Wedding Details
Pastel Wedding Buffet
Pink Cake And Drinks

Images by JoyHey

Summer Evenings

Summer… oh beautiful summer! I have waited for you for a long time… long long time. And now it seems you have finally arrived. All those magical moments you bring with you. I am shivering each time I see a sunset paint the horizon golden or hear the sound of rippling waves. I can’t wait to enjoy your pastel colors and dreamy light. May there be many sweet memories to come…

Summe revenings by JoyHeyImages by JoyHey via Instagram

Sunny Summer Days

It’s Sunday, it’s finally summer here in Finland and it’s Mother’s day! Today I am officially getting started with my summer which will (for sure!) involve lots of sun, colors and joy. I have been craving for those sunshiny days when everything seems to illuminate, bloom, and bathe in light. As it happens, I already yesterday posted on Facebook about spotting some amazing spring colors on my Instagram where I marvelled at the beauty of big, bright, red tulips. It was truly miraculous to see their delicate stems leaning against the wind and look at how their gorgeous petals reach for the sky and sun.

Sunny Summer DaysSunny Summer DaysToday I am extremely happy and grateful for all the mothers out there in the world and wish to celebrate this wonderful day with all of you by sharing some sunny pictures I have captured out on the sunshine fields. May these photographs serve as a reminder to enjoy the little things along the way and strive to make each individual day bright, light, and cheerful. Life can truly be a dreamy, sunlit journey… if one allows it. So, let the butterflies on the meadows set your troubles free and make your mind wonder. Have a delightful day!

Sunny Summer DaysImages by JoyHey

Sunny Funny Amsterdam

Amsterdam – the city of joy and happiness. Oh, now I am dayreaming myself away again. Why? Because I left my heart in sunny and funny Amsterdam. In all its playfulness, including a beautiful pop-up fun park in the city center, Amsterdam provided me with a memorable travel experience and a wonderful journey to happiness.

Sunny Funny AmsterdamIt’s not only the vintage, pastel ferris wheel and beautiful, old carousel that got be excited but also the bright sunshine and scent of yummy treats, such as popcorn, waffles and cotton candy. Amsterdam really knew how to make my knees weak. So yes, besides being constantly on the hunt for all things pretty, I am also a sucker for all sugary things!

Sunny Funny AmsterdamSunny Funny AmsterdamIf I were to decide what my life would look like, it would be exactly this. All day long and day in day out I would have a great time with my friends and enjoy life’s tiny little details and moments; I would have a blast while marvelling at the big blue sky and all the people laughing out loud and having fun. This is what happiness means to me. It’s all about sharing the joy with others.

Sunny Funny AmsterdamSunny Funny Amsterdam

Images by JoyHey

Bike Life In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, located in the Netherlands, Europe, is a truly beautiful city of bikers. Built on water, its long pretty canals and fun, narrow streets make the place a truly unique and fantastic spot for riding a bicycle to visit different sightseeing locations. Just by looking at the sides of the streets in the city, one can immediately grasp that Amsterdam is all about having fun and enjoying life. All the colorful and playful bicycles have their own story to tell.

Bike Life In AmsterdamBike Life In AmsterdamBike Life In AmsterdamFor a daydreamer, Amsterdam offers a great deal of versatility and lots of new interesting perspectives. It is a photographer’s heaven where one can become amazed at every street corner. There are endless opportunities for bumping into marvellous finds and aesthetic details. Being a devoted bicycle fan, I could have spent hours just marvelling at their beauty and shape. Luckily, I managed to come across some serious jewels during my trip.

Bike Life In AmsterdamBike Life In AmsterdamI really loved the goofy-looking mint green bicycle and the pastel-colored striped one! Aren’t they just adorable? Especially, the striped one seems like a cool, urban tiger screaming for attention. Also, the “I am happy” sticker on the bicycle basket below made me smile big time. Who comes up with stuff like this? Just brilliant!

Bike Life In AmsterdamBike Life In AmsterdamFor me, the vast amount of bicycles was simply breathtaking. You could look anywhere and still find something worth photographing. Amsterdam definitely didn’t let me down. During my trip, I managed to capture some absolutely gorgeous things (more to come soon!) and, most importantly, I got several remarkable, life-lasting memories that I will cherish in my heart for many years to come. Yes, I’ll admit it: Amsterdam stole my heart. And I, for one, am determined to return one day. For sure. Until then, I will just have to take another look at my photographs and breathe a big, long sigh. I am already longing back. But hey, just between you and me, I think Amsterdam is missing me too.

Bike Life In Amsterdam

Images by JoyHey

Cream Cheese Cupcakes

I shared a sneek peak photo of our sweet Sundae Cupcakes from Valentine’s Day on Facebook and promised to share the recipe on the blog too in case someone gets interested in making these cute mouth-watering treats… and I must warn you, these are some pretty fantastic cupcakes! So, here you go – a heavenly recipe to a set of 12 pastel cupcakes that are filled with moist cream cheese and topped off with dreamy cream. Voilá, all served with love!

Cream Cheese CupcakesIngredients:

  • 200 gr butter
  • 2 dl sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 1/2 dl flour
  • 2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of vanillin sugar
  • 1 3/4 dl milk

For the filling:

  • 1 package cream cheese
  • sugar
  • vanilla sugar

For the frosting and topping:

  • 2,5 dl whipping cream
  • sprinkles
  • cherries

Cream Cheese CupcakesHow to make cream cheese cupcakes:

Make the basic dough. Froth sugar and butter. Add eggs. Add flour, baking powder and vanillin sugar similarly with milk. Now the base is done and leave it aside for a while. Next, you’ll make the filling for the cupcakes in a separate bowl where you put cream cheese and add sugar and vanilla sugar according to what you feel appropriate.

When both are done, use a spoon to put the dough and filling into baking cups. Put approximately one tea spoon per cupcake so that you first add dough, then filling, then dough etc. In the end, when you are finished, you can still add a bit of left-over cream cheese and use a spoon to mix it a bit with the layers underneath. Bake in 225ºC for about 15-20 minutes. In the meanwhile, you can make the topping for the cupcakes by mixing cream cheese, sugar and vanilla sugar in a bowl. Only when the cupcakes have cooled down entirely, you can add the topping so that it does not melt. Finally, add fun (even colorful) sprinkles and plump cherries to give a finalized look to your cupcakes. You can even add whimsical straws as a decoration. Enjoy!

Cream Cheese CupcakesImages by JoyHey

Spring Nostalgia

It is always intriguing to wait for the spring to arrive. Impatiently, we stare out of the window and imagine the days go by and wish for the spring to arrive. We imagine a wind that blows softly – we can even feel the the warm breeze on our cheeks – and we are absolutely certain that sun is actually shining brighter already. Certainly, every time I look outside my window, I imagine fantastic pastellish flower fields instead of piles of slow and I envision trees blooming with delicate white blossoms instead cold barren branches.

Spring NostalgiaSpring NostalgiaMany times the best times are those when you are actually waiting for something to happen: waiting for the season to change and life show its other side. And don’t get wrong when I say waiting is the best part – of course, we should celebrate and cherish the current moment in our lives as well according to the age old saying ‘carpe diem‘ but, in a way, I feel that at times waiting is the time when I truly understand the worth and value of the ordinary things in life – exactly those things that are so often taken for granted, such as colors, vividness of life and light.

Spring NostalgiaSpring NostalgiaWaiting makes makes us appreciate those things that are not always present. In a wistful manner, it makes us believe and trust in better tomorrows and brighter futures. Essentially, waiting is part of the joy in living life to the fullest. It all its frustrated cheerfulness, it is bursts with tense excitement. Waiting is knowing that soon the time comes when one can experience all the fascinating secrets of the world. Soon the icy and chilly world opens up like the soft dreamy petals of the flowers and reveals its beauty in unexpected ways. Every spring is unique. All the waiting is worth it.

Spring NostalgiaImages by JoyHey

Spring Fantasy

It’s February and we are one step closer to spring! Since I am already excited about all the colors and light that spring brings with it, I decided to arrange my own spring inside the house and ran to the local flower shop eagerly to buy some pastel yellow carnations. For some reason, these flowers really appeal to me. Perhaps it’s their simplistic shape and how their soft petals look very much like ruffles. They awaken my springy mood and make me smile every time I look at them.

Spring FantasyIn order to make the flowers look even cuter in their bunches, you can cut the long stems away, rip off the extra leaves and tie them up with basic rubber bands like I did. This way the flower bundles look as if they were taken straight out of a miniature dollhouse… so adorable! Place the flowers in pretty little jars, short vases or candle votives filled with water and you are ready to enjoy their beauty. I placed mine in large antique candleholders from Crate & Barrel.

Spring FantasySince we’re practically still living the winter months, I thought I’d couple the bright cheerful flowers with some cozy candles to have a charming, warm atmosphere in my home. I thought my mercury votive holders from West Elm looked perfect for this purpose. And actually, I am pretty amazed how lovely the final display turned out. Hope you enjoy this springy daydream. Sending lots of lightness and brightness your way!

Spring FantasyImages by JoyHey

New JoyHey Pastel Products

I just recently added new fine art photographs to JoyHey‘s dreamy online shop – JoyShop. I plan to keep the shop collection dynamic, so adding and deleting works is part of the fun! But what do you think about these photos that have been just included in the shop? You can get these photographs as prints (also in frames), canvases, cards & iPhone cases, iPhone & iPod skins and laptop/iPad skins. And did you know that you can order whatever image you want to whatever product you want? Browse the fine art gallery and drop a message to get your own joyful custom order. Happy shopping!

NEW JoyHey Pastel ProductsImages via JoyShop

Photographs by JoyHey

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