Sunny Funny Amsterdam

Amsterdam – the city of joy and happiness. Oh, now I am dayreaming myself away again. Why? Because I left my heart in sunny and funny Amsterdam. In all its playfulness, including a beautiful pop-up fun park in the city center, Amsterdam provided me with a memorable travel experience and a wonderful journey to happiness.

Sunny Funny AmsterdamIt’s not only the vintage, pastel ferris wheel and beautiful, old carousel that got be excited but also the bright sunshine and scent of yummy treats, such as popcorn, waffles and cotton candy. Amsterdam really knew how to make my knees weak. So yes, besides being constantly on the hunt for all things pretty, I am also a sucker for all sugary things!

Sunny Funny AmsterdamSunny Funny AmsterdamIf I were to decide what my life would look like, it would be exactly this. All day long and day in day out I would have a great time with my friends and enjoy life’s tiny little details and moments; I would have a blast while marvelling at the big blue sky and all the people laughing out loud and having fun. This is what happiness means to me. It’s all about sharing the joy with others.

Sunny Funny AmsterdamSunny Funny Amsterdam

Images by JoyHey

Valentine Love

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! What could be better than starting the day with having a steaming hot cup of espresso that’s made with love. Coupled with some dreamy desserts and treats to pamper the sweet tooth (basically my morning started out with loads of candy! *giggle*) and freshly-squeezed lemonade to calm the thirst for love, my Valentine is all about refreshing drinks, delicious bakings, bright happy colors and big red hearts!

Valentine Love This is the day when you’re officially allowed to act a bit goofy and lowey-dowey. Isn’t that just something? Oh, and don’t forget those soft velvety roses to make the day even more special (note to self!). Hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine with friends, family or a special sweetheart. Remember to cuddle a lot, give long warm hugs, say nice things and savor all of those darling moments. Maybe you can even surprise your dearest with something out of the ordinary… just to remind them how much you love them. Smile big and keep on loving! Ta-ta for now! XO

Valentine LoveValentine LoveImages by JoyHey

Pastel Pinterest

I just dropped by to tell you that we recently made it to 3000 followers on Pinterest! I’m so inspired of all the wonderful things I’m pinning each day. Hope you are too! :) Join me if you haven’t and let’s turn this world bright, happy and pastel-colored. Visit my Pinterest feed for more inspiration and daily eye-candy.

Pastel PinterestImages by JoyHey

JoyHey On Wine

I’m excited about the new trending Vine video app. It is the hottest thing right now… at least for us Instagram users! Have you tried it out already? You can find me at @JoyHey in case you got interested in seeing me post some pretty sweet pastel videos and/or doing your own 6 sec videos. Seems like so much fun! And in case you are still feeling iffy whether you should jump on the bandwagon, read more about the app here to get yourself convinced it’s worth trying out. See you on the other side!

JoyHey on WineScreenshots from Vine app by Twitter

JoyHey Weddings

I’m super duper honored to photograph three weddings during the upcoming summer! Weddings are always such delightful events filled with joy and happiness. With everybody cheering and having fun, the atmosphere is top-notch. I am so excited to go to these weddings and have my share in conjuring wonderful, lasting memories to the couple. With the help of my magical camera, I am jumping out of eagerness to turn the weddings into soft, pastel and dreamy events that can be cherished in the heart for many years to come.

Last year I photographed the wonderful nautical wedding by Anssi & Laura that got featured on Limn&Lovely. I can’t wait to see what this year brings with it. And actually, I have already started preparations for one of the weddings as I am making a vintage-inspired program/menu leaflet for the occassion. Other than that, the themes are not fixed yet and there’s a lot to be determined before the zero hour. I hope I can help the brides as much as possible in order to bring about a one-of-a-kind, lovely wedding. Rather than delivering a service in the more usual sense, it is more about co-creating the event together with the bride and enjoying the process of planning and implementing the special day. Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, right? Let’s have some fun on the way!

JoyHey WeddingsImages by JoyHey

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