Something Old Something New

There must be some charm to the old saying ‘something old, something new…” as I have been following this principle in all my doings lately – more or less with regard to home decor. There’s just something truly enchanting about combining old rugged items with clean, modern surfaces that makes me weak. Having lived in California for a year (yes, I was lucky!), I must tell you that I hunted the entire year for treasures, such as wonderful old rulers and massive rusted keys. From little, dirty, bad-smelling basement-like antique shops to massive, clean and sterile supermarket-like antique stores, I searched for one-of-a-kind items that would make my heart jump out of my chest and, to be honest, I surely managed to accomplish my task with pride and find some pretty cool and unique stuff. Perhaps I’ll share insights and findings on my antique hunting in the States some other time but moving back to the initial agenda, the purpose of this post was to highlight how easy and fun it is to put together pieces that don’t belong with each other – items that are not designed to look good together. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Something Old Something New Something Old Something NewIt is so rewarding to come up with original and creative solutions that will make people stop and say: “Hey, that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.” To me, that’s what decorating is all about: making an impact and doing things your own way. Of course, some inspiration found on Pinterest doesn’t hurt every now and then. Actually, it can boost the creative brainstorming process and lend wings to your out-of-the-box imagination. Okay, so by now you might be wondering what I am talking about…. and that was the whole point of this long introduction – to get you as excited as I am about combining something old with something new. As for my master idea, it has been to combine some worn-out vintage office/school items with modern transparent office equipment. And here’s the result. Ta-daa! What do you think?

Something Old Something NewDoesn’t the retro stuff just look dashing when put on diplay in this more contemporary surrounding? It really stands out, doesn’t it? Having bought the oh-so-charming clear Louis Ghost chair from Kartell just recently for my office, I decided to take this idea of having a transparent office even further by purchasing a see-through pencil box and paper holder from Finnish Palaset brand. Also, I am thinking about expanding my collection with the nearly similar acrylic office equipment sold by Danish Nomess Copenhagen. How do you like my office styling? Do you ever combine old with new?

Something Old Something NewImages by JoyHey

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