May Day Wedding

I have been honored to photograph the fantastic and beautiful wedding of Emilia and Tuomas who got married on May Day (first of May). Their charming, dreamy, vintage-inspired wedding was stunning in all its glory. Details, such as wood anemonies, tiny decorative baby shoes, white balloons, and old-fashioned labels made the wedding party unique and mesmerizing – and it looked exactly like the couple had wanted. And the actual wedding day could not have been more perfect given that two engineers got married on Labor Day which is a great, traditional, festive day in Finland. What a joy!

Emilia and Tuomas got married in Espoon Tuomiokirkko which is a local cathedral in Finland. Dating back to over 500 years, the stone church had a wonderful middle aged mood and an one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal. Luckily, the church was tall and bright making photography indoors… well, not exactly easy but somewhat less challenging. The newlyweds had picked also a stunning party venue nearby where a local volunteer fire-brigade house served the role of the day’s festive location. Everything seemed to be out of a fairytale: gorgeous couple, lovely locations and excellent food and drinks. Oh my, and now that there’s talk about catering, the raspberry mousse cake nearly took my breath away! We were spoilt as guests. Honestly.

Congratulations again to Emilia and Tuomas for getting married! May your future be as bright and cheery as your wedding day. May love guide your way for forever and ever… and even after that. I wish your family all the best. Hugs and kisses!

Dreamy Pastel Wedding
Dreamy Seremony
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Pastel Wedding Buffet
Pink Cake And Drinks

Images by JoyHey

JoyHey For Selina Lake

I was contacted by Selina Lake – a London-based freelance Interior & Lifestyle Stylist – a while ago about my sweet pastel-colored photography prints. Selina, being a well-known stylist and best-selling author, is working on her 4th Interiors book for publishers Ryland Peters & Small with a pastel element and thought that my happy light-toned prints would be a perfect addition to the homes she is styling currently. Naturally, being a fan of her work and talent, I was extremely excited about this idea and wanted to collaborate with her. Hence, I printed out 6 joyful fine art photographs and sent them in a sturdy brown envelope to London. You can see the prints I chose below.

Which one is your favorite? As Selina confesses to be a big fan of my soft, dreamy, vintage-inspired work and follows me on Flickr, Twitter and Facebook, maybe she’ll take your hint and put exactly your favorite photograph on display. If you wish to participate in the decision-making process, let your voice be heard by leaving a comment below where you specify the number of your favorite image. As Selina says: “I can’t pick my faves as love them all“. Maybe you can help her?

JoyHey For Selina LakeImages by JoyHey: 1. Loveliness Art Print, 2. Butter And Love Art Print, 3. Sweet Macarons Art Print, 4. Mint Green Calls Art Print, 5. Mint Bug Art Print 6. Dream Rose Art Print

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